You can access grades for your poster editing assignment (and your previous work editing the class blog) through Moodle. Several students neglected to update their student page on the wiki; so I could not grade your work. You'll want to fix that and email me saying you have done so. Your student page should look something like this. I have not set Moodle up to computer your running grade average; but it will indicate the assessment of your performance on these two assignments, as well as providing you with some feedback!

Classwork Today

Additions to:

Scribus for Wits - Table of Contents
  • Live Group editing - Scribus for Wits
    • emphasis on clarity
    • simplify structure
    • check punctuation

Individual Project Guidelines - Discuss and Revise


  • Read Einsohn: “Grammar” Ch. 14
  • Compose a one-page individual-project proposal
    • Upload and link this from your personal wiki page AND
      bring a printed copy to class after break.