The first milestone assignment is graded and posted, with comments, on Moodle. (We'll probably only use Moodle for distributing grades). If you don't have a grade, check to see that you remembered to update your personal homepage to document your editing work.

Tonight, I'll begin grading your poster projects; share a link with a descriptive paragraph from your personal page on the wiki.

Classwork Today

Submitting Posters

Submit your poster project; upload a PDF to your personal page (5mb or less).

Copyediting Marks

Often copyediting is done on paper rather than electronically. This can help you to read more carefully. Learn to use the standard editing marks pp. 32-32. Cheat sheet of common codes.

Punctuation (C3 Einsohn) - Explanation, Review, and Practice

Function 1: Terminal Punctuation (pp. 74-)

Function 2: Joining Clauses (pp. 78-)

From Splendid Visions, William Giraldi


Review Chapter 4. Complete exercise A and check your answers. Prepare for an in-class punctuation quiz.