• I will be grading your work on the first class project (IUP for Dummies / Check Yourself) based on how you document-your-editing on your student homepage (Am Student Homepages; Pm Student Homepages)
  • This week - we will work on Desktop Publishing skills using Scribus; you will demonstrate this through your second "milestone assignment," a poster/pdf.

Classwork Today

Poster project

Sample poster: IUP Sailing Club - Source Files

Follow the Desktop Basics
  1. Create a file folder to save your work (use your h-drive or a portable usb drive)
  2. Using "notepad," create a "txt" file with your event content;Who? What? When? Where? Why?
  3. Collect relevant images (create, license, or select Creative Commons images)
  4. Think about audience, purpose, key information
  5. Place text and image objects; begin to position, style, and layer them

Some resources for poster design: Effective Poster Design, Designing Effective (Academic) Posters, Creative Poster Design Tips, Flyer Marketing, Flyer Design Videos
The source for typographic design: Thinking With Type, Ellen Lupton


  1. Read Einsohn: “What,” “Basic” Chs. 1, 2
  2. Work on your Scribus poster

Scribus Resources: Sherwood's Scribus tutorial videos; the "official" Scribus Wiki

Last class: Wk04-Thursday