• I have begun grading your web editing projects. If you haven't added an entry to your personal page, it is now late. But you should still do so, lest it receive a zero.
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Classwork Today

Visual design

Discussing the document design could certainly constitute a whole course, or even a major, in itself. For our purposes, we should think about audience, purpose, and key information. We might also think about the virtues of consistency and clarity.

Individual Posters
Let's devote the rest of the class to working on our individual posters using scribus.

I will evaluate the posters in terms of their ability to speak appropriately to audience, achieving their purpose and effectively conveying key information. We are also using this as a milestone assignment through which you can show that you understand the Desktop Publishing Basics.

So good posters will need to:
  1. Include at least two text boxes
  2. Include at least two legal images
  3. Demonstrate control over size, positioning, layering and blending
  4. Show an ability to appropriate "style" text.

Help Needed?
Are there additional Scribus skills you would like to learn? Are there things you want to review?

  1. Export to PDF?
  2. ???


  • Posters are due Tuesday. You should write a paragraph on your personal page; your poster should be uploaded to the wiki and linked from your personal page. Your poster pdf must not be larger than 5MB! If you have trouble uploading, I can help you with that at the start of class -- but won't be devoting class time to this! We're moving on!
  • Read Einsohn: “Punctuation” Ch. 4. Read carefully; we will have an in-class exercise or quiz.