Quick Links for this week

1. Whole Class

Finalize "Categories," revisit style sheet and choose website theme

AM-Project-Format and Style Sheet | PM-Project-Format and Style Sheet
Choose website "theme" or browse by type

2. Insure that your contribution has been reviewed by two editors and you have made corrections; Remember that we aim to incorporate principles from chapter 4:

  • use appropriate headers and subheaders to organize
  • craft easy-to-scan sentences
  • use basic verb forms
  • "front-load" paragraphs
  • use ordered or unordered lists, expressed in consistent form
Select NOTIFY to receive updates on the status of your page

Put your contribution into the "publish" cue by adding the appropriate tag:

3. Final Pre-publication review

One new editor must affirm it is ready to publish. If it meets your approval, you may add the tag:
Otherwise, leave a comment as to corrections or changes required.

4. Publishing

When your content is ready, I'll show you how to post it into the blog. You may use paragraphs, headings 1, 2, 3, emphasis and lists. We will use what is called simplified "Markdown" formatting. This allows the website CSS to control the look. Each piece should be given an appropriate "CATEGORY"

5. Let's proofread!

AM Class - Wordpress Blog for Project
PM Class - Wordpress Blog for Project


Proofread two stories on the project website carefully. Leave a comment about any error.

Install Scribus on your personal laptop, if you're going to use it for editing.