• Overview of Class
    • Syllabus Review
  • Create a wikispaces account.
    • Login and practice editing in the sandbox.
    • Visit your homepage
      • (LastnameFirstname) and
      • add some information about yourself;
      • style it using headings, bullets. etc.
      • upload a photo if you like

A. Visit the wiki, create an account and "join" ; I'll approve you and then you'll be able to work on the site..

B. Compose a "writing life" statement of a few paragraphs in length. You will add it to the wiki tomorrow. Here's mine. You can try to puzzle out how I posted this to my personal homepage on the wiki; or we can upload it during class Thursday.

C. Read Plotnik (xerox/pdf): AM-Class-Ereserve PM-Class-Ereserve You use your IUP network credentials to access these secure readings.