prelude: Student questions about the syllabus?

A. Wiki Overview (15 minutes)

Today we will spend part of the hour getting a class tool in hand -- the wiki. We'll also begin to think about the editing process based on your reading

1. Wikis are good when two or more people want to

  • collaborate in their writing
  • collaborate in editing or composing a larger document
  • make available working documents (or dynamic materials that are not "final")
  • keep track of the history of revisions
  • publish BEFORE a document is finished.

2. Demonstration

Login and practice editing in the sandbox.

B. Working in your wiki space (20 minutes)

  1. Let's spend a few more minutes getting comfortable with the wiki -- explore a few additional features, and fill up that personal page
    • log in to the site
    • Visit your homepage
    • (LastnameFirstname) and
    • add some information about yourself;
    • style it using headings, bullets. etc.
    • upload a photo if you like
  2. Revisit your wiki homepage and add some informational content
    • Paste your "writing life" homework in (see Sherwood as a model)
    • Mark it up with visual styles that logically suit the content (using headings, bullets and lists).
    • Choose a paragraph or section: create and move it to a new page. How?
      • enter edit mode;
      • highlight the text you want to become a link;
      • and click the "link button" above;
      • save the new page
  3. Before leaving the wiki, let's look at a few final elemetns of a wiki page
    • first, take a look at the Revision history.
    • Add two tags: 1.) "AMstudent-homepage" or "PMstudent-homepage" and 2.) Your LastnameFIrstname
    • Leave a comment; use the "student-homepage" tag to visit a classmates' page; enter the discussion area. What are the differences between leaving a comment and "discussing"?

C. The Editing Process (30 minutes)

Group Activity (3 - 4 students in each)

  1. Discuss the reading from last night. What did you learn? Did anything surprise you? For those of you who have edited and published, are there any ways in which this standard process differs from what you experienced.
  2. Every editing scenario is a little different; a major newspaper is edited differently from the Penn, a bestselling book is edited differently from a website.


For next class, please
  1. Finish up your Editing process paragraph.
  2. Read: Yahoo: “Web,” “Voice” Chs 1,3 (Download Ch1 PDF - Download Ch3 PDF)
  3. Bring in the link to a blog or web-page that does NOT seem like it was edited for the web OR bring in a print document that would require changes to be appropriate for web publication..