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Editing and Publishing Portfolio
Other than being an essential course to my major.
I found this class to really push my writing abilities
in a positive direction. The hands on job applicable
atmosphere was a nice pace to some of the more
literary courses I've taken. There was also a heavy dose
of group orientated work, namely editing other people’s
works. It was a valued college experience. I learned skills
I will use throughout my career. Below are the completed
works of this course. There is a definite growth of skill
level throughout the course. including learning to use a
publish but more importantly the natural instinct to edit
to a variety of ends.

Welcome to IUP
I found our first project to be enriching in the field of editing. I found it helpful that we didn’t start out focusing on our own work but missed with group work as well. This work helped me understand how demanding and responsible that process needs to be. I always thought one or two read troughs were plenty. Sitting down with a group, with different perspectives, can really enhance your writing. It is equally rewarding to help enhance someone else’s work. Editing in groups was interesting here as we used the wiki to leave comments for each other.

Welcome to IUP project

Poster Project
In my poster project I enjoyed working with Scribus. It really helped with a base knowledge of Scibus. I'm confident in my abilities to better explore the program. My poster particularly is somewhat grungy because it fits with the content. The interface is quiet simple in moving objects and adding text. The whole process has proven to me that to learn to something you must use it. I’ve found myself at work many times needing to create; a simple announcement, flyer or sales ad. Scribus is free and something I could utilize in that regard. Using it professionally will be slightly different than my project but doing all job related projects would be a bad representation of me. This project's edit were entirely esthetic so it left room for personal preference. This is something i feel more aware of though. I can now appreciate that when i write more.

Scribus for Wits
This was one of the first times I had to make a tutorial with such a basic knowledge of something. I could see that happening in the real world a lot so it was ultimately helpful. Being able to learn something you know next to nothing about is part of being an English major. There is also the element to teaching something to learn more about it. The group aspect was another bonus. We had done that earlier with the Welcome to IUP piece. There was a definite improvement in which we dedicated tasks. I also found myself being more critical of others works; knowing how much it would help them. The editing here was on a hard copy. that seems to make the most sense to me. Although not always possible the result is much better. the time is spent more efficiently, and the work results in something more communicate-able.

My Group Scribus for Wits

Final Project Proposal, Summary

For my final project I would like to do a tutorial on a card game known as Magic, The Gathering. I have done a great deal of research on this subject matter and avidly play the game. Multiple times I have found myself explaining it to other people. Teaching them was difficult at first because the existing tutorials are quiet weak. They are either lacking heavily in simple language; or if provided by the company they are saturated with advertisements that restrict the learning process. I have a love of the game and would like to get more people into playing so there is a certain passion behind what I’m doing.
Doing this would be helpful because already at my jobs so far I have down two tutorials. One for bar procedures at a banquet hall; the other will be at my internship where I currently work. I like tutorials because you’re pioneering something new. It also takes a great deal of comprehension of subject matter to teach it to someone else.
After typing up a solid piece of text I thought I would use scribes to make the actual document. However scribes became more than I needed and overly complicated.
I have also found most of the images for the game to be under copyright. To solve this problem I’m going to create my own images in paint. This part is something I feel I could vastly expand with a better knowledge of Photoshop. I believe in making tutorials for work simple images are helpful. Also you’re working with things that are quite new so content in picture form may not exit yet.
To take my project to the publishing stage of the course Professor Siegel Finer suggested an eBook. I looked online and found out its free to make one for kindle. A kindle is what I own so that’s the format I choose. I think it’s really neat that I might be able to polish up some old work from college and put on here as well. Amazon offers an author profile and put it online in less than 12 hours. The only problem I had was formatting my pictures with the text. It took an hour just to get the images to not cover the text. It was really helpful to learn new skill though and I really enjoyed this part.

All revisions were done by hand. I found that it worked better for me. It was also more convenient because I didn't always have time to fire up my computer. It was also convenient to have a couple copies lying around to hand to other people to read.

Here is style sheet i put together. very simple because i just took basic notes as I went. This would be essential if things were going to be changed, to have a reference sheet. It was also helpful to think about why i was doing things. When i started manipulating the document for online publishing it was helpful to return back to the way i had it too.

He is a link to amazon where my book is.My tutorial on Amazon

Here is a basic text document too because I wanted to make this free but amazon doesn’t allow that.