Finish up Scribus for Wits

  • What was hard/easy about this?
    • Getting everyone on the same page (many people writing different chapters; style sheet was not a perfect guide for consistency)
    • Hard to edit for format (like spacing, bolding, heading sizes) when it's on paper
    • Making choices - edit the sentence, rewrite the sentence?, rewrite the WHOLE THING?
    • Glaring errors are easy to fix
    • Easy to get on Scribus and see if the process described actually works (but sometimes this didn't actually make sense)
    • Creating the style guide on-the-go (realizing lots of style issues were not addressed before writing)
  • What did you learn about the editing process from working on this project?
    • Helpful to collaborate with a small group
    • Compromising
    • Using editing marks
    • Other people do not write the same way you do (or they way you want them to!)
    • Hard to edit your own work (hard to see faults in own writing, hard to think about it from another perspective)
    • Must be learned PRACTICALLY - reading about it is not all that helpful - doing it is easier
    • Good grammar is pretty key
    • Switching between styles is hard
  • Worth it? Do it again? Why/why not?
    • Yep.
    • This class should be a pre-req earlier in the major
    • Wanted to learn more about chicago style earlier in the course

Final Project Work

Create a Final Project section on your personal page of the wiki
  • Begin to work on the organizing of your document; use the wiki or some other means to document your process.