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Elements of Editing

Let's look at some of the highlights from Chapter 14 - Grammar Pitfalls. Some of these may be "old hat," others may need some explanation. This is the perfect time to resolve something that you have found confusing for years.
  • Subj. / Verb agreement
  • Split infinitives
  • Dangling participles
  • Misplaced/ dangling modifiers

Work on Scribus for Wits projects

You'll need to work in pairs to edit two chapters "on paper." Then we'll get a quick-typing volunteer to enter changes in Scribus.
  • First pass -- think content. Is this clear? Does it communicate the important steps? Is it sequenced effectively? You may have to move, replace, or delete whole sections.
  • Second pass -- grammar, punctuation, word-choice improvements. Use Proper Editing Symbols
  • Third pass -- minor errors (including spelling, spacing, format).
We'll discuss publication style decisions as they arise and list our decisions here. The Checklist of Editorial Preferences (Einhorn 423) might also be helpful.


  • Einsohn: “Capitalization,”Ch. 6