I read your emails with great interest, and I edited the schedule and assignments to include some of what you've asked for. For instance, I've added some peer-editing of your individual projects. I've also finished up the Scribus project by the end of next week, since many of you have asked to move on. And, I've added some grammar exercises - you did ask for it! I did make contact with some of the speakers; we're trying to schedule (so I am trying to leave space in the schedule for that as well as time for you to work on individual projects).


Einsohn Chapter 14 - Grammar Pitfalls.

Work on Scribus for Wits projects

You'll need to work in pairs to edit two chapters "on paper." Then we'll get a quick-typing volunteer to enter changes in Scribus.
Chapter A+E: (Arria, Meghan)
Chapter B+F: (Sarah, Princess)
Chapter C+G: (Michele, Sean)
Chapter D+H: (Michael, Melissa, Aubrie)
Chapter I+J: (Joe, Josh)
  • First pass -- think content. Is this clear? Does it communicate the important steps? Is it sequenced effectively? You may have to move, replace, or delete whole sections.
  • Second pass -- grammar, punctuation, word-choice improvements. Use Proper Editing Symbols
  • Third pass -- minor errors (including spelling, spacing, format).
We'll discuss publication style decisions as they arise and list our decisions here. The Checklist of Editorial Preferences (Einsohn 423) might also be helpful.

Here's a pdf of the whole document, for your reference:

Here's the .sla file:

Final Project Proposals

I'll meet with you individually about these as you work.