Next week, in addition to delving a bit further into Einsohn, we will work on our Scribus For Dimwits project. Please leave a comment on the draft contents page if you want to propose additions or changes.

As we fell one class behind, I have pushed back the deadline for your individual project proposal until after break. However, this will be a "hard deadline," with deductions for late submission. So you will need to be working on this over break (or get it down next week!) Have a look at the syllabus to remind yourself of the general parameters.

Poster Grading Guidelines

Classwork Today

(Goals for the class: build upon students' skills by reviewing key editing rules and practicing their application, justifying their editing decisions by appeal to a style guide.)

Pickup from Tuesday Exercise

  • Questions about terminal puncutation / Joining clauses?
  • Work in pairs on worksheet
  • Review as a class

Further Review of the Chapter

  • Function 3: Setting Off Phrases (86-)
  • Table 4 / Pitfalls / Principal Uses of the Comma (96-97)
  • Coordinate and non-coordinate adjectives (100)
  • Semicolons (104-105)
  • Dashes (108-109)
  • Student questions?

In-class Edit / Or Take-home (depending on time)

From Splendid Visions


Read "Spelling" (Ch. 5), especially pp. 134-144. Complete exercise C and check your answers!