My writing life is fairly diversified, but has several common themes. I recently found my class workbook from second grade, and was surprised to find that even then, I was trying to adapt every possible assignment into some form of creative writing. In second grade, all of my stories were about horses and environmentalism.

Now, in college, I don’t often write about horses, but I still write about environmentalism – only now, I can spell the word “oxygen.” And just like my second grade self, if there’s an assignment I can twist into creative writing, I do it.

The first thing I remember purposefully writing, though, was my first novel. I was something like ten years old, and it was probably the worst novel ever written. It was definitely worse than Twilight, but I started it and took it all the way to the end.

After that, though, I branched out and concentrated on various other things at different time periods, from poetry to research writing to business proposals.

In the past year, I have wanted to write mostly fantasy. Tomorrow, that may change. What do you write today? Will it be the same thing you write tomorrow?

As for editing and publishing, I love it. I am a natural editor and always want to fix things, grammar especially. I actually bought a second copy of the first Harry Potter book in fourth grade so that I could edit all the grammatical errors in red pen. The rest can probably be extrapolated from that bit of ridiculousness. I have had various things published, including poetry, activist pieces, blogs, short stories, articles, and academic research papers. Some are paid, some are unpaid. I also write for the university newspaper, the Penn, in the Wet Ink section. My ultimate goal is to publish novels.