Hey everyone! I suppose it would be best to start off with why I'm an English major, and why I'm in this class. I'm an English major because, well, I love to read and write. I'm in this class because I've always loved books, so I want to edit them for a living. I'd love to help writers' dreams come true by working to publish their books. This means working with a publishing company, or perhaps being an agent.

Some random stuff about me:I love to sing. If the whole editing books thing doesn't work out, I'm moving to LA.I played cymbals with the IUP marching band for the last four years, and I was section leader this past year. Yay for leadership experience!I also play the drums. Not so well since I had to sell my drum set, but the basic skill set is still there. I tend to change my hair about once a month, so don't be surprised if at the end of February I'm a red head...or maybe a pink head.

Now that I've bored you to death, have a great day! And thanks for taking a gander at my page. ^^
Contributions to the class project:I helped edit two of my fellow classmates' writing by giving them suggestions as to what to change. I left said suggestions in the form of comments to the sides of their piece. Both students implemented at least some of the changes that I suggested, even if they were small grammatical errors. I also wrote my own small piece for my fellow classmates to edit, them implemented most of the changes they had suggested I make.

Above is a link to the poster I created on Scribus. This is definitely something that I have never done before, but I enjoyed doing it. I attempted to make the poster very easy to read, along with catching the eye. I wanted potential audience members to be excited for the students performing in the musical, and make them want to go see it. This would be harder for those who did not personally know anyone performing in the show in one way or another. So, I added pictures to show that it will be much like the movie, which most everyone has seen and is familiar with.

Final project work:

Above is the link to my project proposal, the first step I have taken towards my final project. Now I can begin editing and making this short story into something that could be publishable.

I was suggested to print out the original piece and use editing marks to mark it up on paper, then suggested again to re-type it and re-print it to make the piece look like a manuscript to be published. So, that's what I did! Below is the link to the original piece and the edited one.