Portfolio B. Shultz:

Course Projects

1 Class Web Page Project:Time Travel
I took into consideration all that those who edited my page before I did anything. I then went through and made the changes to my page. The page went from this version, to this version. Then I made further changes to my page up through this revision. It was in this version that I had removed the major portion of my Rift Travel information and placed it on a separate page. I also created a page with expanded information on Time Bubble Travel. It was after this point I received feedback from editors. Following their suggestions I have edited my page to a more finalized version. In this version I separated out my FAQs into a separate page. Upon further thought, I reversed that decision and put the FAQ section back onto my main page with a few alterations.
I also contributed as an editor for three of my fellow students. I did the in class editing we were assigned on Tuesday the 12th, and made suggestions via discussion boards here and here. I then offered further commentary for one of the same classmates I had offered suggestions to and another classmate.

2 PDF of Poster Made on Scribus
With this poster I chose to try to emulate the night sky. I used the image of the full moon and an image of slow capture of the rotation of the earth at night. I chose to use blue and black gradient for the sky at night with complimentary yellow and white colors for text. My target audience would be amateur star gazers to keep them abreast of astrological events. The over all appeal of the poster would be it would evoke the night sky while relaying information about the night sky.

3: My contributions for "Scribus-for-Wits."
I wrote a paragraph for the "Printing or Uploading" section of this Scribus how-to page. In specific, I wrote a paragraph about how to export a Scribus file as a PDF. I tried to make the pagraph as reader friendly as possible, recalling what I'd learned from ENGL 222: Technical Writing. The snapshot of my contribution is here.

I also aided in editing section "G" of Scribus for Wits" the link to the page, as posted, is here
The final changes are reflected within the final version of "Scribus for Wits" with section "G" about assigning objects to layers.
4: Final Project

Part I: Proposal for my final project
Below is the text file for my proposal for my final project.

This project is one of my original works of fiction, therefore I have every legal right to edit and publish it.

Editor's Log-Part One
Star date 4.4.13
​I broke my document into seven pieces for ease of editing.
I’m going to, on my first pass, go through and see if anything is extraneous or exposition, if something doesn’t quite flow right, and if I still like what I wrote.

Editor's log- Part Two
Star date 4.10.13- Started on 4.9.13
Editor’s log, star date 4.9.13: I have started to go through my copy after I’ve printed out each separated chapter. Thoughts for revision are noted when necessary. Editing marks are used whenever I remember to use them.

Editor’s log, star date 4.10.13: I have finished my first pass of all seven sections I have a couple of ideas of developing this draft. One option is an overhaul. Also completed is my style sheet.
I will begin commencement of operation overhaul immediately.
Editor’s log, star date 4.10.13 continued: I have started in overhauling my project.
I have completed chapter 1 thus far and I am much happier with how that version turned out. I will progress through the other sections

Editor’s log, star date 4.11.13: Continuing of the overhaul in progress. Style sheet updated when necessary.
Chapter 2 complete.

Editor’s log, star date 4.11.13 continued: I have made progress on chapter 3. Also I have compiled a master document to aide in my continuity as I overhaul each chapter. So, far I really like what I’ve written.

4.11.13 Continued:
Chapter 3 overhaul is completed. I am scrapping the original chapter 4. Most of what would be covered in that section was already touched on in chapter 3. So I am going with a new direction that was semi-presented by chapter 2. Changed a line Jaden said in Chapter 2 from “Or so I was taught,” to “I think” to better fit the character of an average teenager.

I decided that I’m just going to use REAL places. I am using Indiana PA with some artistic liberties here and there. I was basically using Indiana PA as a model anyway with elements of the town I grew up near. Then I realized that town and Indiana have a lot in common.

So, Aiden’s landing point is between a Law Office on Philadelphia St and another brick building. He runs all the way through town, following Oakland and weaving through the side streets ending up at RSM on 13th street. He gets hit on Oakland near the intersection of Oakland and 10th street (you know where a crap ton of students jaywalk anyway.
Uri is the one who yells, “Call 9-1-1.”
I have to call it a quits for now. I have finished chapter 4.

Editor’s log 4.12.13 continued: I have finished Chapter 5’s overhaul. It was mostly scrapped too.
I plan on doing document comparisons between the two drafts of each chapter.

Editor’s Log 4.15.13: After a weekend of work, I resume my editing of my project. I changed the end of chapter 4 to flow better with chapter 5.

Also here is the updated style sheet thus far:

Editor's Log. Star Date 4.23.13:
I uploaded the logs from my editing and my style sheet.

Editor's Log Star Date: 5.7.13:
I have posted a file form of my edits after a point to lessen the clutter on my home page. I have also swapped out my style sheets because of things that had to be changed for the publishing site.

Here is the PDF of the finalized project:

As you can see from the page I am Barb Shultz.
  • I am a fanfiction writer and reader on FF.Net
  • I have been writing for nearly half my life
  • I am from a family where all 6 of my nuclear unit can play a musical instrument.
  • I am an aspiring writer, and there is much more to that than just these few points. Clicking on my name will tell you more about myself as writer.
  • I enjoy to read many things, though I tend to like fantasy more than realistic fiction
  • I play the trumpet and have been playing it since I was nine years old. Actually, I was nine when my formal instruction started. I started to try to play trumpet when I was eight if you count me goofing off with the trumpet with my elder sister, a french horn player, trying to teach me.
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