Writing Life Statement-KS

Recent Publishing / Editing

Here are two recent publishing projects showing some of the differences between editing for web and print. In both cases I exercise a light editorial hand, so you will find errors and imperfect writing.
  • Reading Rebooted - a website for an exhibition that I created in conjunction with a graduate course on Digital Poetry and Fiction.
  • PuddleDuckWorlds2012 - a quick and dirty blog created to organize a community event.
  • Batten the Breeze - a club newsletter I agreed to edit; some issues are better than others, in terms of writing or editing quality. I can spot a number of typos I would like to fix if there were time!

Ancient History

The standards and aesthetics of the web have changed since it was born in 1993. Some of you were perhaps ten years old then; it didn't even have pictures (seriously).
  • Here's what I thought was a cool web-page design in 2005 - CHSS Brownbag
  • I taught an Oral Poetry course in 2006; I still like the site, maybe because it's simple; maybe because it hasn't crashed.
  • RIF/T is what a web publication looked like in 1993! I was proud of this visual effect; can you read the title?

Editing / Publishing Tools

I'm interested in the way that composing can be shaped by production technologies. In the last few years, I've explored or am beginning to explore. It seems I was trying to think about the relationship of tools to writing, reproduction, originality, and expression back at the beginning.

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