Class Portfolio

Contribution to Class Web Project 1: Time Travel Website

For the class project my contribution was a page on artifacts and the theory of time travel. My first draft consisted of the theory taken from the movie "Donnie Darko" and looked like this. After some thinking and comments from fellow classmates, I decided to omit the movie reference and make it more of an academic essay, second draft. After I put my contribution on the "ready to publish" page I found in class that it was not quite there yet and it was changed again to the final draft.

I also contributed to this project by providing feedback to my fellow classmates on their projects. I mentioned things sucgh as combining sentences and comma mis placements. The first person I commented on made a lot of the revisions I suggested and can be seen here. The second edit I did was basically the same. I suggested adding commas and cutting things down a bit. The comments can be seen here.

What I learned:

When I first began the editing process I treated it as a "peer review". I did not really understand the difference between editing and reviewing before taking this class. I feel this project is a great example of how my editing was when I first began in this class in January.

Class Project 2: Professional Poster

My Professional Poster Project
A professional poster for the Undergraduate Scholars Forum in April.

What I learned:

Through this project I learned how to properly setup an academic poster that speaks to my audience. In this particular poster I had some difficulty manipulating Scribus. The text boxes do not quite line up in the grid and I was a bit too boystrous in the selling of my event. This was definetly one of the worse projects for me.

Class Project 3: Scribus for Wits

Amira and I wrote the section on how to save a file. There was little wrong with the document after we had edited it for precision. Document one: Draft 1 . After this original post, we re-visited the text and did some editing and clarification. Document two: Draft 2 . The copy was then edited a third time for precision and clarification. Document 3: Draft 3. After editing and re-writing our draft, the final copy was submitted. Final copy: Final Copy

What I learned:

The Scribus for Wits project was the first of its type that I have ever completed. In the beginning, we wrote everything out instead of using computer lingo which, in our minds, made it easier to understand. However, we learned that this is not the case -- simplicity is the best way to go.

Final Project Proposal

Final Proposal #2- Updated

After the first proposal was changed, we decided to re-write our proposal to better assist our project.

What I learned:

This is the original proposal written before we changed our final project. As soon as it was suggested that we look into the Gutenburg Project we commenced the overhaul of our project to the Fairy Anthology.

Final Project Editing Process with Amira Minazzi


This is the first draft of our anthology. It's the rawest form of the texts, without any editing by me or Amira.

This is the third draft of our anthology. Tiffany and I have reviewed each other's comments but have not accepted any changes quite yet. This document has now undergone two sets of editing with two different editors so our main focus here was discussion and agreement on editing decisions . Our next draft will be a cleaner copy, all track changes accepted (or denied) in the text.

The fourth draft of our anthology is all of the track changes applied to the individual pieces after agreement of the editors. The next phase of editing will be done via hard copy to double-check spelling, grammer, etc

The final, edited product for our anthology. The last step of editing will be another hard edit on printed pages. The next upload will be of the introduction to the anthology to showcase the editors' writing. After these two steps are uploaded on the wiki we will begin the binding process and complete our anthology. We decided to use Create Space to self publish our anthology.

This text was written and edited by both of us and will serve as in introduction for the reader giving them a background on each author featured. Research was done to provide a context to the included pieces of our anthology.

This text was written and edited by both of us and will serve as in introduction for the reader giving them a background on each author featured. Research was done to provide a context to the included pieces of our anthology.

This is our final project. We submitted this version to Create Space, as a draft to see a copy of it in book form, for self-publication. When we received the book, we edited again for consistency and formatting errors (i.e. page numbers and headers). After this we submitted the final draft for completion.

Style Sheet for Fairy Anthology

This style sheet was used as a guide line for, not only our edits, but our formatting as well.

Final Fairy Anthology: Digital Copy

The final copy of the Anthology for easy access.

What I learned:

This project, while very fun, was very intense. Amira and I spent at least 60+ hours total between editing, formatting and other changes. Amira and I each read through all of the stories and we got together every Monday night from the Monday after Spring Break to ensure the project was well edited and achieved the voice we intended. We did try to use Scribus in the beginning, but felt we could manipulate Microsoft Word much better. We used Create Space from Amazon to have our book professionally bound, which proved to be a difficult task. We ended up getting it to send, page numbers on the outside and chapters starting on the right-hand page.

We added pictures to fill the white space and keep chapters on the right hand page. In order to do this without copyright infringement we used Creative Commons to get the pictures.

A Quick Biography

I was born and raised in a small town outside of Pittsburgh called Penn Hills. My very first love was music. I played the flute all through middle school and high school and went through District band, Regional band and Alle-Kiski Honors band. After graduating in 2003 I attending IUP for music performance, however, after too much sleeping and not enough class attendance, I left IUP to get my act together. After some much needed growing up, I came back to IUP to pursue another love of mine, English. While I now spend by free time writing and reading, I am involved in the Westmoreland Symphonic Winds and still enjoy playing. I will be graduating in May of 2013 and would like to get a job either teaching in a private school or helping my parents with our moving company.

Writing in the Past and Present

  • As an English major a IUP, I had always enjoyed writing, I just wasn't too sure of what all I could do with it. As I went through the motions of any "good" college student (majoring in music), I realized that I needed something else to do; something more concrete. So why English? My mother asks me this question every day and I continually tell her that I enjoy manipulating the English language and reading and's just fun. Eventually I would like to teach English to highschool students.

  • Creative Writing class
    • During this class with Dr. Laurel Black I really found my true love of writing and realized that there are really no boundries in writing. I learned how to not only write a critique, but also take constructive criticism from my peers.
    • This class also provided me with the tools I needed to write other genres that, before this class, I was petrified to dive into.
    • This class is what made me start my novel, which I am hoping to have finished by all 2013.

  • Advanced Composition
    • This class was taught by Dr. Helen Sitler and I learned how to write some creative non-fiction, which I am in the process of having it published now.
    • I never was a fan of creative non-fiction, but after taking this class I learned that this genre is not quite as daunting as it may seem! It's easy to write about yourself.

Editing and Publishing History

  • To be honest, this is my first real experience with editing and publishing and I'm really looking forward to learning the steps and procedures to follow to be a better writer and editor. I look forward to learning a lot about editing and publishing and gaining the knowledge of how to "hack" my own writing and make it better in the long run. I have a lot of difficulty changing other peoples writing, mostly because I feel as if I am being rude. I hope this class teaches me a respectful and tactful way of doing this for my peers and possible clients in the future.