The smell of spice on winter wind. Defiant eyes reflecting the sunrise faced me. Not that this has anything to do with why I chose to peruse writing as…something. In fact, I’m not really sure why I even went to college for writing. It was a nice image though, wasn't it? And college was a mind boarding experience and I’m very glad that I did it. But what I hoped to accomplish while I was here, well that’s still a mystery to me. But still, the time was not wasted.
Uninterestingly enough I came from a very small town which had a very small school. The town had a population of maybe 500 people, and the school had a population of maybe 600. The school pulled kids from a few other small towns. Everyone’s father was a coal miner or steel mill worker, and everyone’s mother was a nurse or secretary. College was never really discussed.
In middle school I was placed into what the other kids called “stoopid english”. It was there that we were commissioned, if you will, to write a short story. Most didn't write more than a page. But me, not to toot my own horn but, I wrote ten pages about a werewolf murdering quite a few people in the late 1700s. Bear in mind, I wrote this before werewolves were cool. Anyway, my teacher recognized this, no not my hipsterness, my work ethic and the relatively good quality of my work. She had me moved up to the “smart kid” or gifted English. I guess from that point I felt that I had a talent for writing, so I pursued it in high school and then in college.

The main two pieces that I worked with were Kyle Disien’s and Morgan Turner’s. While Kyle’s fell more toward the comical side while Morgan’s was more serious. In the beginning, Kyle’s read more like a 1950’s educational that are so often mocked today. I suggested to Kyle, that in order to avoid corniness and cliché, to add in more modern terms. In addition, I also suggested that he should include more explanation of technical terms. For Morgan’s piece, after reading it for the first time, I found that most of her ideas were underdeveloped. After making a few comments on her wiki, we talked in person about some ways to make her ideas more concrete. For my own project, the general feedback that I received was that I should make it more clear. So, following their advice, I did. I added more explanation for my line of thought, more explanation on my theory, and I cut some unnecessary text that took away from my general theme.

Cover Letter:

My portfolio consists of, and highlights, the work that I have done concerning contributions to to the class as well as individual works. The contribution relate to the Scribus for Wits project and the Time Travel project. My personal work include the Scribus poster and will include an excerpt from my final project. For the project Scribus poster project, I went to a website that hosts free art from aspiring artistes to acquire a background for the poster. The topic for for the poster was a promotional advertisement for the nonprofit academic organization of English Club at IUP. I found that learning to manipulate the program Scribus will be very valuable in the future. In reference to my contributions to the two separate class projects, thought the collaboration with other classmates. We effectively demonstrated how to manipulate the Layers setting within Scribus. In the final version of Scribus for Wits we resolved fount inconsistencies and other stylistic issues. Because the Time Travel project was mainly a creative endeavor, we collaborated with other students to fit form and style. Lastly for my final project I will include an excerpt from the original document and then a document that i have edited with track changes in order to demonstrate my work.

Scribus for Wits:



Final Project Excerpt

Time Travel Project


Poster Project

Final Project