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Writing Life Statement

I have loved writing for as long as I can remember. I have always been the writing and language type. I have too many journals to count and have written countless little poems since I was a little girl. I am the type of person that writes everything down. I love quotes and song lyrics and typing essays has always been one of my greatest guilty pleasures. I have always looked forward to my English classes and received the best grades in those classes. I went through my years in middle school and high school knowing in the back of my mind that English was my favorite subject, but managed to still have a hard time picking a major for college.

I declared myself as a Health and Physical Education major before finally realizing I should have chosen English. From there, I changed to English Education and then realized that I was the one who wanted to be doing the writing. My final change was to the Writing Studies Track of the English program here at IUP, and I couldn’t be happier. It only took me about 20 years to figure out English is what I love!

Knowing what I know now and reflecting upon how I have always loved writing and language, I wish I would have saved every little thing I ever wrote. However, I do have all of my favorite essays saved from high school and now the same goes for my favorite essays from college. This semester, my final semester, is the first one with all English classes. I know there will be a lot of writing, but I am looking forward to the courses I am taking and the different styles of writing I will be experiencing. I know this semester will help me to grow as a writer and will prepare me for the future. I hope to get involved in the communications field upon graduating, but still dream to one day start a blog or try writing some type of book or novel. Since my four years here have not been all English, as I now wish it would have been, there is still so much for me to learn and discover about myself as a writer. I am looking forward to what the future holds!

Course Projects:

1. Time Travel Class Web Page

Before writing my article, A Worry Free Time Travel, I looked up information about the idea of time travel and gathered some facts. I decided to go with the idea of a "worry free" time travel. My article has come a long way thanks to the help of my peers who edited and gave me suggestions. My first draft and various revisions show how far my article has come. I read my article many times through to check for errors or any places that had room for improvement. My article is informative, promotional, and cautionary.

I contributed some comments and suggestions to two of my classmates articles. I understand that having another pair of eyes when writing is extremely helpful, so I tried to give good suggestions and watch for any errors or parts of the article that needed changed. It was enjoyable and also good experience to edit these articles and I know that suggestions and comments from others are always helpful during the revision process.

Overview: As an English major, I have edited many of my peers' papers before. This project really developed my editing skills and improved upon what I knew about the editing process. My article had to be revised many times and I had to read through my classmates' articles many times in order to make different suggestions. This project was my first real experience with what it takes to be a good editor.

2. Poster Project

My poster announces Kenny Chesney's concert tour for 2013. I included a tropical picture of the the beach as half of the background and a plain sky blue color for the other half. I did not want to make the beach picture the entire background because it would have made the text hard to read. I included a picture of Kenny Chesney performing, which is a picture that I took myself last summer at his concert. My poster is plain and simple but I think it is easy to read and the bright colors are eye-catching.

Overview: This project was my first experience with Scribus and it took a little getting used to. I had a background image along with images and text boxes and the thing I most struggled with was the layering. Scribus has many good features and I learned what a great tool it is during the editing and formatting process. I picked an event that I would be interested in creating a poster for, which made it a lot of fun for me!

3. Scribus for Wits

Overview: This was another editing experience that taught me a lot and I was able to apply what I learned from the time travel assignment. I worked on the "Editing Objects" paragraph and even though it was only a paragraph, there was a lot of revising involved with it. Our group received a lot of comments and suggestions to improve our chapter and we, as a group, made a lot of comments and suggestions on another group's chapter. Something like this that requires giving directions requires another set of eyes. The way you explain something might make sense to you but not to another person. The suggestions our group received were helpful and improved the way our chapter was written.

4. Final Project Proposal

Overview: I had trouble deciding on a final project. I tossed around a few ideas and then finally came up with the idea to edit an old paper about health and dieting and convert it into a magazine article to showcase what I learned about the editing process and incorporating Scribus.

5. Final Project

My final project involves the revising and editing of a paper from last semester titled"The Importance of Health." It is a type of research paper that ties in my interest in health and my personal experiences. I plan on revising this paper and converting it into a magazine article that could be found in a women's magazine like Self or Glamour.

The following documents show my editing process on Microsoft Word:

The following documents show my editing and publishing process on Scribus:

Style Sheet:

Overview: My paper was originally a 6 page research paper that incorporated some of my opinions and experiences with health and weight loss. Since I decided to convert this paper into a magazine article, I had to cut A LOT of my writing. It was hard to do this because I worked so hard on this paper and ended up cutting about 4 pages of personal stories, opinions, and experiences. It was important to cut this content out because personal opinions and stories are typically not included in a magazine article that would be found in something like Self or Glamour. My editing process was extensive but I feel that the way it is written now would more likely be found in a magazine. During the publishing process on Scribus, I found that formatting my content into a magazine article was something that required a lot of experimenting. Text fonts and colors, as well as lining up the columns, were things that I had to pay close attention to. Eye-catching texts and images are important when formatting and the placement of these things took some trial and error to see what I liked, what I didn't like, and what made this look like a legitimate magazine article.