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Me reading Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughter-house Five in Leonard Hall.
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Ryan Mance's Editing and Publishing Portfolio

1. Writing History

Initially, my first draft my writing history was lacking detail. I realized through further reflection that I had a lot of writing history from the age of about six until now at the age of twenty-two. I wasn't sure how to go about writing about it, so the first draft was fairly basic. Then as time went on, I decided to make it a broader summary of what I had done in both grade school and college. I feel great about this now because I don't feel like I'm that new to writing anymore. I've had multiple experiences that have taught me a lot of about writing and my own thought processes. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel more human with it.

First draft of my writing history

Final draft of writing history

2. Time Travel Class Web Page

My Article: The first draft that I contributed to the page, What to Expect When Time Traveling, was a poem. I received criticism for the poem's content. My peer editors liked my poem, but they didn't like that it started in the middle of what could be a longer narrative. Instead of editing the individual poem, I decided to write two more poems that would make the first poem that I wrote, "Poem Against Time Travel", the third and final poem in a series (revised draft). After more of my classmates commented on my poems, I edited my short series to form my final draft. I am completely comfortable with this series being published.

Editing of Classmates Work: I edited several of my classmates' pieces. I edited Rachel's poem entitled "Time Traveling in One Spot. My comments suggested that she provide more descriptive imagery. I also recommended that the poem could work in a series. For another classmate, Kristina, who wrote a piece entitled "What to Expect When Traveling Through Time", my comments suggested for her to write more about the moral obligations behind time travel.

3. Poster project

I decided to consult National Public Radio's website for an article to make a poster for. I went to the arts section and found an article about Johannes Vermeer's painting "Girl With a Pearl Earring". I thought it would be an interesting subject to write about. One of my personal interests is aesthetics, and art history falls into that category. I plan on making posters like this in the future for poetry readings that I organize or participate in.
This project provided me with some creative freedom to make a project on any news report or event that I wished to report on. My project, unfortunately, was not one of my best. I struggled a lot with the formatting and I ultimately wasn't able to do what I could because of a lack of familiarity with the software. However, I feel that I understand better how to make posters as a result of this particular project.

4. Project Proposal

My first project proposal was ambitious, but incredibly flawed. I planned to write a collection of my own poetry and edit it into a chapbook. However, I realized that this would not be something that would fit the criteria for the project. I decided then to go and edit philosophical writings that were translated from other languages and left in the public domain. Many of these writings were unfortunately plagued with awkward phrasing due to translation. I decided then to begin editing the works of a particular philosopher whose works were of interest to me: Friedrich Nietzsche. I considered it best to have the medium for this project be a website on Google Sites. That way, I could have as much creative freedom and formatting options as I wished to have.

Original proposal draft

Final proposal draft

To be edited...

The Quotable Friedrich Nietzsche

5. Final Project

Nietzsche Website-Editing Log
Nietzsche Website-Voice and Audience Profile
Nietzsche Website-Visual Design and Structure Notes
Nietzsche Website-Style Sheet

For Your Leisure...

Heather Christle, a poet I admire, reciting her poem "All Things Bright & Beautiful".

Zachary Schomburg, another poet I admire, reading his poem "The Fire Cycle".