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Contributions to class web project:
I wrote my article about life at IUP and it is a brief overview of what a first year student should expect during their first year at IUP. It is made to be funny and to set the reader up to read the rest of the different articles written by the other students in this class. I made comments and helped edit several different articles, and gave appropriate feedback to my peers, in order for them to have the best posible article for the class.
Life at IUP

My poster is about the Asian Studies Club film festival. I gave a rundown of what to expect at the film festival in one column and gave the schedule with the list of movies in another column. There are two images, that I edited from the originals, the depict Spirited Away, and Let the Bullets Fly. Overall, each component looks good with the others, and I'm happy with the outcome.

Defense of copyrighten images: The asian studies club, who are holding the event, had to pay the copyright fee to show the movies they are showing, and if they would distribute this poster they would have the legal right to use these images. IUP requires clubs and organizations who are showing a movie publicly, to order their movies through a company and pay for the use of the copyright. Many organizations may not do this, but are in violation of university policy. If the Asian Studies Club is following the rules, and if they used the poster I made, they would have permission to use the images due to having temporary use of the copyright.

If you have any questions, I can give you my experiences and credentials dealing with copyright rules through the university.

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