Princess Kabakole's Writing Life
My experience as a writer has never been forced. I have always been passionate about telling a story with my writing. Before I could write I would tell stories by drawing pictures, as I got older I would spend my time writing short stories, poetry, and lyrics. If I had to place my writing in specific genres, creative writing and fiction would be my genres of choice. Life is already busy and tiring as is, writing gives me a sense of calm and peace within myself. I always hope that my writing will bring that same feeling to my readers.
My background with writing is very diverse. I am currently in the process of finishing a novel, and a screenplay. These two projects have taken me a total of two years thus far to [[#|complete]], and I’m still not finished. Writing any script or screenplay is very time consuming, the idea is in your mind, but the format is what slows me down. I find it easier for me to work on my novel because the ideas are always free flowing and there isn’t much hassle with the format.
In addition to writing my screenplay and novel, I am a feature writer for an online woman’s magazine called HerCampus. Being a feature writer for a magazine is something I enjoy because it is a challenge. I can have my own personal style while writing, but my opinions must be hidden at all times. I also like the research and [[#|apply]] aspect of it. It reminds me of \when I had to write news scripts, I had to research topics and create a news script for my segment on a [[#|television]] show.My writing has opened up so many opportunities for me to learn and experience new things, but there are still so many other things that I am oblivious to. I hope that this class will enhance and add to all that I “think” I know.

Project #2: Contributions to class webpage
In my own article, College life at IUP, It gets better, I began writing a small three paragraphs that lightly touched on my experiences transitioning from a big city girl to living in a small college town. My editor encouraged me and said how much she liked the story, and encouraged me to add more detail about things people from big cities could do to have fun. I was able to make all of her suggested changes and more. After this I had other editors help me to find common grammatical errors in my article that I made changes to.

My contributions to my classmates work include: "Make New Friends..."by Arria Washington. For this article I encouraged her to reword a sentence for clarity. I also encouraged her to elaborate on what some of the specific clubs were based on the acronyms she wrote down. She fixed the first problem, but decided to eliminate the names of the clubs for the second suggestion.

Secondly,I edited "College Life at IUP"by Sarah Somple. I helped her to find grammatical errors and I also encouraged her to add more details about the incidents in her story so that her readers could connect to it. She made both revisions.


Project #3 Scribbus Poster

For my poster, I decided to make a poster that would be an advertisement for my weekly radio show. I used two text boxes and three image boxes. Two of the images were my photos from my own camera, and the IUP graphic was a public use photo. I tried to re-arrange the text and photos so that they are interesting and easy to read. I played around with the layers and text to my liking. At first I found that to be the most confusing part, but as I went along and got used to it, the program became easy to navigate.

Individual Project Proposal

Proposal for English 360
For my final project I am interested in using some of my creative writings. I began putting together a collection of creative short stories that describe my life growing up as a Liberian-American. One chapter in the book discusses a childhood experience I had with a new classmate; I was hoping to transform that into a short story or children’s book. Creative writing is my strong point and it is something I am passionate about.

I know that turning it into a short story will require me to put into print form and include pictures and artwork. I was leaning in the direction of using illustrations instead of photos to tell my story; however, I may change that depending on what it looks like in draft form. My intention with this project is to polish my editing skills using my own work, and to inspire others with the final product.

Project #4 Final Project

Style sheet:
The projected audience for this book is children ages 8-11 years of age.

There will be 3-5 paragraphs of text per page.
The language will be easy and basic for a third to fifth grade reading level.
To format the pages the margins from the top should be four inches, and from the right it should be three inches.

The cover page will include a photo of a group of children, the name of the writer, along with the title.
There will also be page numbers in the bottom outer corner of every page.

Daily progress

4/16: I created the content for my story book, and a style sheet.


I had the opportunity to peer edit Aubrie's project. It was a very interesting story, and there wasn't very much that I felt needed to be changed. I only advised her to take out some of the redundancies in her story, and to switch around some of the sentences so that it would be easier to read and understand.

My content was peer edited by Sarah and Melissa. What I took from their editing advice was to maybe add a little bit more about my characters heritage. I decided I would try to weave it into the story, and hopefully it fits in with the style I am going for.

I met with the illustrator to devise a plan for the potential images that will be included in the book.
I met the illustrator and disliked the photo's and I decided to rewrite the same story for an older audience, so that I wouldn't need pictures. In addition I edited my style sheet.

Finished and edited the content of the story.

Edited the story and had it proofread by myself and others.

Had the book printed and bounded.

Copy of final project