Printing or Uploading

How to export PDFs-
Before you begin, make sure you've saved your file and have everything as you want it. After everything is good to go, click on "File" on the menu bar. The drop down menu will appear and towards the bottom will be the word "Export." Whenever you move your cursor over it, a side menu will open up with several options for you to save your project, then select "Save as PDF." A box may appear titled "Preflight Verifier"; if you see this, select "Ignore Errors" to proceed to the next step. A dialogue box will pop up with the title "Save as PDF." The first item in the dialogue box will be an address bar labeled "Output to File". If you are satisfied with the title and location of the project, you're almost done. If not, change either the last bit of the address to change your title or click change to change save file location. Once satisfied with that, click "Save." Your file has successfully been exported to your selected destination as a PDF.

Setting Resolutions,High Quality Printing & Uploading:
Once you have saved your work, and compressed your images when necessary, printing it should be easy. Simply go to "File" and open it in acrobat where you can save it. Then go int acrobat and click the "Print file" to see how your document will look and, if you're satisfied with its appearance, press "Print". To upload the document from Scribus, make sure you save multiple copies of your work under either a H-Drive or on your computer, especially the final version of your project. Under your homepage on the class wiki, press "Edit", go to "Browser" to find your piece, and simply press "Upload" to make it an accesible tab. Now, you and your fellow classmates should be able to view the finished project with ease. If you run into any problems with the upload, you should be able to go back and redo the process if you saved your work properly.

Managing file sizes by compressing images:
If your PDF file is an incredibly large one, then for the sake of storage space, then you will want to compress your images. What you should do is export it in a smaller file. On the menu bar, click 'Export' and in the "Export" options click on "Save as PDF." What you will want to do is then under the "Compress Vector and Texts" options, click on the square next to "Maximum Image Resolution". This will allow you to change the file's size depending on whether you wish to use it on a digital format or in print. If digital, then changing the size to 72 dpi will suffice. If it is meant for print, then perhaps change the size between 300-600 dpi to minimize pixelation.