Hi, folks.

Final Portfolio and Project

Semester Workspace

This link includes all the work I've done this semester related to editing and publishing, including my Final Project and Portfolio.

Junk Drawer

This link includes some junk that's only placed here for my and my group's ease of access. It's not related to my final project or portfolio at all.

Here's Something About Me

I've only been writing since about sixteen. Fiction's my favorite to write. Poetry's not my favorite, but I'm not saying I don't like it. Though I often like fiction more than poetry.

I'm published, but only with a few articles I wrote a couple years ago for my community college newspaper. I don't consider that too impressive. I don't have any fiction published yet. I'm working on it. I plan on it at some point, which is why I put "yet" at the end of that sentence.

Recently I'm looking to build a writing portfolio so I can do something other than wait tables right after I graduate. Having more published material would be nice to put on a resume, too. For a while I tried to comfort myself by saying that even if I don't use my degree right after school, it doesn't mean I never will. Really, that was justification for getting a crappy service industry job and not feeling bad. Then my brother told me, Ryan, you're a writer. So you'll probably be waiting tables sooner or later anyway. So now I'm putting a resume and portfolio together.

I wrote some fables in community college. Think I might check those out again. For publishing, that is. You'll probably be hearing about that later.

Here's Something Else

I sent this to my brother. He told me that words could not express his gratitude, and that I know him like no other. Something tells me he was being sarcastic.

Oh, and he used to go to school for jazz piano. That's why it's funny.
I probably should have mentioned that earlier.