How to Save a Scribus File

Save As

When saving a file for the first time, be sure to use the save as function. When using the save as function. the document will be saved as it is currently shown in Scribus. File > Save As > File Name > Ok

To explain further, the save as tab will pull up a dialogue box, allowing a directory (place to save the document) and allow a filename to be applied to the document for easy access. When clicking this option if there are many files open, you will be prompted to save any of the documents that are currently unsaved. Select location for document to be saved (i.e.: desktop, documents, etc.) and choose a name that is easily located.

To save snapshots of your work, use the save as function and rename the file to save different versions of the same document.

To Save Scribus Files:

Save often to prevent losing work (Scribus offers an auto save function which will periodically save your work for you). File > Save > Ok ‍

Scribus offers various file formats (,sla, pdf, etc). Some formats are not compatible with other files, and you may need to change the format of a file so save it successfully in Scribus. To change the format of a file in Scribus, simply click on File>Change Format. You will then be prompted to select one format of the several possible formats. Click whichever format is compatible with the file and save the file in that format.

Saving Scribus Image Files

The SLA format (Scribus Layout Format) only saves the link, not the image itself.

When borrowing a legal image from the Internet it is important to save said image to the computer naming appropriately for easy access. Once file is saved, proceed to open Scribus ‍document and upload image (see image uploading). Once uploaded, the image will appear on the screen.

Emergency Save

In case of an unexpected computer malfunction, Scribus will automatically do an emergency save on your document. This is to prevent you from losing unsaved work.‍