Course Projects:

1. Time Travel Class Web Page

My Article: The first draft that I contributed to the page, What to Expect When Time Traveling, was an informative, fictional essay. After I received comments from two classmates, this was my revised draft. Once I was given final comments on my piece from multiple class mates, I edited my essay to form my final draft that was ready for publishing.

Editing of Classmates Work: On my one classmate's first draft, my comments suggested that she provided more detail about the benefits of time traveling and discuss what would be entertaining to do while time traveling. For another classmate, my comments suggested for him to expand on his poem and look to pop culture for further inspiration. Once we set the criteria which the pieces should meet as a class I went back and made comments on my first classmates piece, and did the same for another classmate.

This first assignment was a great learning experience for me because I was able to edit other classmates work, while also experiencing others edit my work. I found it helpful to have my classmates correct my work, because they captured the small gramatical details that I had missed. Also, I found the comments and feedback useful while I was editing my work so that it was ready to publish. This project was also my first experience with putting togethera web page, so it was interesting and rewarding to see all the pieces come together in the end.

2. Poster Project

For my poster project I chose to create a flyer for a fundraising event for my sorority. The event is called "Pie a Theta Phi", which lets individuals pay money to pie a sister in the face. The money for this event goes to the MS Society. I used a picture that shows our Greek letters so that individuals can identify us, since we will be displaying our letters at this event. The other image I included is a penguin, which is our mascot. The first text box I used was for the heading of my flyer. I then used another text to describe the event, and then one more to give the event details. The part which I layered is the back ground color of the flyer. I chose the blue and yellow colors because they are my sorority's colors.

While doing this project, I learned that making a poster is not as simple as one may think. It was diffcult to find images that I had permission to use and place them on the page that catches the attention of the audience I was trageting. Also, I learned that it was important to be selective with the words I chose to put on the poster. I wanted to make it short and to the point, but at the same time I wanted to provide enough imformation to give the full details of the event. Overall, I enjoyed doing this project because I found it useful to know how to make an effective poster. Using Scribus was a challenge at first, but once I learned more about the program I found it easier to use while creating the poster for my sorority event.

3. Final Project

For my final project I am editing an essay and collection of poems from my advanced composition course. I will be combining these two peices together since they both focus on my experiences with my older brother who has bipolar disorder. My overall goal is to have these two separate styles of writing flow together in a way that there is a smooth transition for the reader.
Final Project Proposal: Kristina Gonzalez
Below are the texts which I will be editing, combining, and publishing:

The following documents show the steps of my editing process on Microsoft Word:

The following documents show my editing and publishing process on Scribus:

This is the final electronic version of my project:

One of the major diffculties I encountered while working on this project was editing my own work, which ultimately made the editing take longer than I expected. Since I was combining poetry and prose together, I needed to make sure that the transition between the two wasn't abrupt for the reader. I deleted a lot of prose from my piece for length reasons, and also because some of the text in the prose didn't fit well with the poetry. The most enjoyable part of this project was editing and publishing it on Scribus. Once I chose the font and spacing for the prose and poetry, it was fairly simple inserting the text into the program. Also, once I remembered how to use the layers and properties on Scribus, I was able to make my project stand out more by putting colored boxes around the poems. Overall, by doing this project it made me realize that I was making the right decision to go to graduate school for Publication Management since it all came naturally to me once I got the used to Scribus.

Writing Life Statement

I still remember the first diary that I owned when I was in elementary school. It was pink with a drawing of ballerina slippers on the front. The diary even had a lock on it, and I made sure to keep the key in a place where I knew my sister wouldn’t find it. Of course there was nothing extremely interesting written in it. I wrote about the boys that I had crushes on in the third grade, and teachers who I thought were scary. This diary though was the start of many diaries. During middle school is when I started using my diary to write poetry and other creative pieces. Writing in a diary has always been a way for me to express emotions that I felt that I couldn’t discuss with my peers. As I got older though I became more open to share more personal pieces of writing with others.

Writing about my personal experiences has always been extremely important to me, but I also enjoy trying other different styles of writing as well. Even though in high school I wasn’t in advanced placement English classes, I found myself excelling in reading and writing. When I would write a paper for a class in high school, I felt as though that I was in control of the grade I was getting. Of course I didn’t get A’s on all of my written assignments, but I was always determined to keep trying. The papers which I wrote varied from research essays for a History class to a critical essay on a novel I had read. Overall high school had taught me that I knew that I loved English, and I wanted to continue on with that passion in my undergraduate studies.

In my first college writing course which I took my first semester my freshman year I practiced working on different essay styles such as narrative, compare and contrast, and a film critique. The professor which I had pushed me to become a better writer, and made me realize that I had much work to do still to be the writer which I aspired to be. I had a lot to work on as a writer, and this course helped me prepare for my future English courses. Originally I had planned to teach English in a secondary school. I wanted to share my passion for writing with students, and help them to enjoy writing. As I got further into my college career, I realized that I solely wanted to focus on writing. I knew that I could always come back to education if I wanted to teach. The writing courses that I have taken in college helped me discover my passion for creative writing. I have learned to step out of my comfort zone, and experience new ways to write poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. My next steps as a writer is to continue my education at graduate school, and eventually get my own writing published.