If this is your first time using Scribus version 1.4.2, then you’re in for a real experience. In this section we will be covering How To Assign Objects to Layers, Create a Layer and Reorder Layers, and Blend Layers.

Assigning Objects to Layers

To Assign Objects to Layers:

Once you have Scribus version 1.4.2 open and have selected the format that you would like your document to be, navigate to the Options Bar at the top of the application. Once there, select the Option ‘Windows’, the options window should expand and you should see a number of different selections. The selection that we are looking for is the option titled ‘Layers’. Once you have selected ‘Layers’ option, a pop up window titled ‘Layers’ should appear. This is where you will be able to view and edit the different Layers that you have on your document. You will notice that there is already one Layer assigned to the document titled ‘Background’, this represents the blank background of your document.
First make a new Layer in your Layer options window (it should be titled ‘New Layer 1), then create a text box on the document. To assign this object to the New Layer 1, simply select the text box by right clicking on it, then from the options window that appears hover you mouse cursor over the option that says ‘Send to Layer’. From here and extension of the options window should appear that has a list of all the current Layers on the document. Select the Layer that you would like to assign the object to, and you are done. You have successfully assigned an object to a Layer.

If you would like to add text to layers, you must first click "add layer" then, you may chose a legal photo you would like to use, add it to your project then click the text box in the menu bar. Once you click the text box in the menu bar, you can type in the text you wish to use and then add then copy and paste the text onto the photo. You can also edit the color and size of the text as you see fit for the photo.

Creating and Reordering Layers

To create new layers, first go to the toolbox tab entitled windows, scroll down to "layers" and click on it. The layer box will appear with one layer there already. At the bottom of this layer box there is a plus sign. Click on that and another layer will appear.

To reorder the layers simply click on either of the arrows on the bottom right of the layers box until the layers are in your preferred order.

Blending Layers

Blending layers means altering the opacity of layers. For example, by blending two layers together in the same space, they can both be visible. Fortunately, this method is simple.

How to blend layers:
Open the Layers window. From here, there are two ways you can blend two or more layers together. The first way is to alter the percentage of opacity in the top-right corner, which should initially be set at 100%. This is the simplest way to blend layers, because the higher the percentages lead more opaque layers are, and smaller percentages lead to more transparent layers. The second way to blend layers is the menu in the middle of the Layers window, titled "Normal" right next to "Blend Mode:". This allows you to further alter the opacity beyond simply making them darker or lighter. For example, in this menu you can alter the color of the parts of the layers that are blended. Experiment with the objects of this menu to see how exactly your layers can be blended and what kind of blending opportunity you have with your project.