Positioning Objects

Scribus allows you to insert and position different objects onto the page that are contained within a frame. In order to have a better sense of where you would like to position an object, use View > Show Grid. By showing the grid, it is easier to position different objects on the screen. Scribus gives you the option to insert different objects: text frame, image frame, table, shape, etc. To see the rest of the objects that can be inserted, use the Insert menu. Once you have chosen the object, you can position it by right clicking on the object then dragging it to where you want it on the page.

Editing Objects

You can also edit a text frame or image frame. Right click on a text frame and click Edit Text. In the story editor box, type in the desired text and click the green check mark at the top left of the box. From there, make sure the text box is highlighted and use the Properties window on the right to change font, size, and color.

After inserting and positioning a Text Frame, Right Click > Get Image. This will open up a box to upload an image file saved on the computer. Select a photo and hit OK. Once the image is uploaded to the Scribus page, drag the corners of the image box to make it bigger, smaller, longer, or wider. With the image box highlighted, go to the Item tab > Adjust Image to Frame or Adjust Frame to Image. This will ensure that the image box is perfectly positioned around the image.

Using the Properties Dialogue

It helps to view the page in grid mode when positioning objects. To do this go to the menu bar and select View > Show Grid. Once you have placed the object (text frame, image frame, table, shape, etc.) where you would like it, utilize the properties dialogue. To access the properties dialogue, select Windows > Properties. The properties window allows you to easier manipulate the image by choosing exact locations on the page by using the x and y positioning arrows, and by allowing to you choose the height and width of the object to change the size of the object. To avoid construing the size of the object, make sure to Link the height and width properties by connecting the links to the right of the height and width bars. The properties window also allows you to insert shapes, texts, lines, and colors into the object box.