Kyle S. Disien

History of Life Writing:

I didn’t have any ambitions to involve myself in writing until about my senior year of high school. I’ve always had a romanticized idea about the arts and wanted to be a part of them but wasn’t exactly sure how. Growing up, I wasn’t exactly surrounded by people too concerned with their futures or careers.
I guess you could call it an epiphany or revelation. After spending a year as an apprentice for a residential construction company, I applied to IUP in hopes of a more intellectual career (not that I didn’t learn anything from building construction technology). I began my crossing into writing with basic fundamentals, theory, and research. Once I began to explore other genres of writing, I decided that I wanted to explore the world of writing even further.
The most influential choice I’ve ever made was to involve myself in script writing. I started script writing for an IUP TV show called Indie Rocker’s Ball. After this introduction, I explored what film and television had to offer me as a writer. On a side note, I’ve always had a passion for fiction writing, as most English majors do, and found that script writing was exactly what I wanted. I finally found an outlet for my voice. Script writing had all of the elements of fiction writing but something more. You could see your work come to life, whether it’s on stage or screen, collaborate with other writers, and involve many different aspects of media. I have finally found something worth writing for and I’m going to continue trekking deeper into the world of stage and screen writing.
Another type of writing that I have recently taken an interest to is, freelance and copywriting. I feel like this is a great way to become published and expand your resume or CV. Copy can come in all kinds of forms and I would like to explore many of them. It's an interesting genre of writing and you can really practice what you write. I would like to take on a career in copy/freelance writing and maybe delve into travel writing.

Strike ItDA BOMB

Cover Letter:

My portfolio highlights the work I did in this course regarding class contributions and personal pieces. These contributions include the Scribus for Wits and the Time Travel project. The latter of the two assignments can also be included into the personal pieces I created as well as my Scribus poster, and final project. These assignments were a great introduction into the learning of a new program, such as Scribus. I feel that I can say that I am confident in operating this software without too much difficulty and it will definitely contribute to future knowledge of publishing. I have plans, post-graduation, to use these skills to develop an online literary magazine. I have to give credit to Amy Einsohn’s The Copyeditor’s Handbook for helping me with all of the editing I have done for this course and any future editing I will be doing in the future.

Class Work:

Edit Log:

Draft Log:

Project Proposal:

Scribus for Wits:

Import Graphics

For this assignment, we created a step-by-step, how to for the importing graphics portion of Scribus for Wits. I worked on the first part of the section entitled: Create, license, or select Creative Commons images. For this information, I had to research legal ways to obtain images that can be shared on Scribus. After that, I displayed how to actually insert an image into an image box on a Scribus file. Morgan Turner and Emily Cornman did the other two parts of the section, which dealt with formats, resolution and saving the images to Scribus files.

Scribus Poster Project:

I created a fictional poster for an IUP hiking association. I took the background image from a google image search. I filtered the results to search for photos that allowed public use. I added three additional layers over this background layer that include a colored text box for the title, a text box for fictional content (meeting times) and an IUP logo in the bottom left corner of the poster.

Time Travel Project:

I made many contributions to the class web project. My personal piece about time travel was created and re-created through three drafts that were self-edited and edited by a couple of peers. I also took part in editing the writing pieces of Mitchell Merick, Amira Minazzi, Morgan Turner, and Ryan Mance. I revised these pieces by commenting on the tone of the pieces, content, introductions,and formatting. It seemed as though most of the students were confused or didn't understand the editing part of the assignment because I had to ask for critiques instead of having the two writers above me edit. The final version of my piece entitled, The Gs of Time Travel can be found on the word press where it is published. To be redirected to this page click HERE.