Working With Styles

Creating a Style:

To define a character or paragraph style, go to the menu bar and select "Edit" and then “Styles…”, or use the F3 shortcut. Inside the Style Manager, click on "New." It will be highlighted in blue. Next, choose either “Character” or “Paragraph”. Use a character style to adjust the properties such as font, color, and spacing of individual lines. Use a paragraph style to adjust the spacing of a group of lines, as well as the character properties.
To apply an already-defined character style to a paragraph style, click on the Character Style tab within the paragraph style editor and then the box next the words “Based on:”. Choose the character style you’d like to apply to the paragraph. Be sure to click “Apply” at the bottom right corner to secure any changes you make to a style.

Naming Your Style:

To name a new style, locate the box near the top of the Style Manager labeled “Name”. Then, choose a name for your style such as " Big Title", "Subheading", " Normal" etc. Secure the changes you have made by clicking “Apply”, near the bottom right corner of the Style Manager. To change the name of an existing style, enter the Style Manager and find the list of style names in the left-hand section. Click on the name of the style that you would like to change and enter the new name.

Applying Your Style:

To apply a style to text, enter the Story Editor. To the left of each line or paragraph of text you will see the words “No Style”, or the name of the style that has been applied to the text. Click here, to find the name of the style you’d like to apply. You will need to change the style of each line or paragraph individually. Finally apply the changes by clicking the green check mark in the topmost toolbar.