Statement of Writing Life

When I look to the sky, what do I see?A dark shining sea.And in that sea, what do I see?Fish. Still, but free.
For my eighth year as a part of this world, I received a journal. It was not a child’s diary, with a cheap metal, clasp lock – it did not have ponies on the cover, nor was it fuzzy and pink. The book I received was bound like a hardback novel, contained blank pages with lines like a notebook, and on the cover were two very young children, in a sepia tone, playing with shovels and buckets; it was an adult journal. Instantly I knew I could not fill the pages with the rambling nonsense of my playground propaganda. This book was meant to be used more thoughtfully. Among the very first pages, the above and italicized paragraph can be found; my first poem. I am still as proud to be the owner of those written words as I was on the day I first wrote them, at eight-years-old. Creative writing has been my passion ever since.

In the 11th grade, during English class, I had to participate in several different career development tests designed to inform what career one should pursue. Every test I took came back with the same result: psychology. Though math was my strongest subject, very closely followed by English, psychology seemed to make sense to me. What job using math could I have that would not be terribly dull? English writing is my passion, why chance ruining that by making it my career?

During my first semester at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, psychology seemed to fit me quite well. Apparently, I had been psychoanalyzing people for near a decade. My college education was informing me of how to psychoanalyze more efficiently and with proper terms. Spring semester of my third year, for reasons unnecessary to detail, I found myself fed up with studying psychology. The following fall I was enrolled at Indiana University of Pennsylvania as an English major, with a track in writing. Regardless of my reasons for transferring, I had been aware of some unnerving truths for some time. As my father had put it so many times before, I am the type of person who could not participate in clinical psychology. With my lack of patience and frivolousness, entertaining patients did not seem a likely choice for me. My mother offered the advice of pursuing what I most enjoyed – writing.

I had full intent to achieve a bachelor’s degree in English, but with all of those psychology courses lingering around, I thought it wise to declare psychology as a minor. In order to fulfill the psychology minor requirements, I had to take either PSY 280, or PSY 290. Being a cautious person, I took PSY 290, since it served as my final requirement for a minor in psychology, but also would be necessary if I changed my mind and pursued psychology as a major. PSY 290: Research Analysis and Design changed everything. Claimed to be one, if not the most, difficult classes required for a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I was the top of my class in my section, along with the other sections my professor was teaching. In that class I had to write the dullest paper I have ever written. APA research papers, also known as lab reports, are very dry and intensive, intended to achieve their purpose with as much precise knowledge in the least amount of words as possible. It is for those reasons, I would never try to convince anyone to read my paper, even though it is my proudest work. Regardless of how serious previous papers were to be, I found someone way to insert my own creativity, but there was no way to achieve that in this paper. Having never attempted to write a paper of this caliber, surprisingly, I excelled and praise from my professor was bountiful. Not only was the paper written well, but I actually enjoyed the challenge of writing it. It is far harder to achieve a point by writing dry than writing with flowery language, and I welcomed the challenge. In this one class I found what career I should pursue. Quantitative Psychology – a well-paying and much needed profession, which utilizes all of my strengths: mathematics, English, and psychology. I intend to spend my life assisting and participating in research, by performing statistical tests and writing challenging reports. Regardless of how boring that may sound, I am going to love it.

Course Projects

Contribution to Class Web Project: Time Travel

My first draft of my time travel piece was just a vague idea. The narrator travels through time by experiences moments in the lives of the previous owners of her soul. An editor suggested I explain more clearly what the narrator believes is the cause of her time travelling. Another editor suggested more elaboration over all. Taking their advice, I decided I needed to have more detail and give more examples of situations of the narrator’s time travelling. I also decided to explain the possibility of why the time travel occurs by relating it to Newton’s law that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. In the end, my piece turned our quiet well. This is my finished project: Time Traveling Soul

In the beginning, I was a little apprehensive about editing someone else’s work, but quickly realized that it was not as intimidating as I assumed it would be. I commented to one person of how they should provide more detail, to clear up some confusion: Example. I also edited the pieces I was assigned by informing the writer of any typographical errors, incorrect grammar, and other similar corrections. This experience enlightened me with a different perspective I did not take into consideration as much before. Sometimes you have to switch up your aesthetic so your writing is more easily accessible.

Event Poster: N.S.C.S - Zombie Awareness Month

For my poster project I created a fictitious group called the Nefarious Sindicate for a Cataclysmic Society (N.S.C.S), a group of individuals aiming towards a societal downfall. This month’s events will include zombie awareness, which is being addressed due to some unfortunate incident the month before, when an attempt was made to create their own zombies. All this information is found in two separate text boxes dominating the top half of the page. Among that, and other, information is the mention of three successfully created zombies, represented by three pictures below the text.* Each image was in its own image box. Below these images are two text boxes containing information regarding the next month’s events and contact information, along with the groups meeting time and place. Between these two text boxes is an image of a Sasquatch who claims to want YOU for Sasquatch militia, representing the theme of next month, which is stated in one of the text boxes mentioned in the previous sentence. I made separate levels for background objects, images, the shapes I used behind the text for emphasis, and text.

Note: *The middle zombie is my friend Lily, the other two zombies are me, and the zombie effects were achieved by using a few programs.

Final Project

Project Proposal: The Black Orb over the Kingdom of Emerock

Project Description:

A boy in a boat finds himself upon a beach, with no real recollection of how this came to be. “He had no memory of getting on his boat, and very little of sailing it. It was almost as though someone had placed him there.” What will become of this boy? “Alone and empty-handed, having nothing with him, not even proper clothing to cover his body.” Perhaps a bit of magic is in this boy’s future, amidst a great adventure. If so, is it friendly magic . . . or unkind?

It is my intent to edit a fictional short story written by a friend of mine. This young man has little experience writing, almost none of which involves creative writing. Though his writing may be crude at points, due to a lack in knowledge of English grammar and structure, he had a delightful idea for a story. He is a father of two boys, one of which was his inspiration for this short story. I was lucky enough for him to ask me to edit his short story, which he was writing for a college course. As I was proofreading his story for common errors, I realized its potential to be a children’s book. How lovely would it be, if I edited his story and helped it reach its full potential? I had the opportunity to transform his story into so much more than a course assignment: I could turn it into a piece of art his son would cherish forever.

Project Documentation