The Text

It's important that you're intentional in the ways that you use words when creating projects in Scribus especially if they are heavy on visuals. It is also a good idea to use a dedicated word processor in addition to Scibus to compose your text sections, rather than writing them on your Scribus projects directly and then inserting them in dedicated text boxes (as described below). This makes organization and editing easier.

How to insert text:

To create a text frame, click on the Insert Text tool in the toolbar or press the "T" key. You can then stretch this frame by clicking and dragging a corner or side of the box to make it bigger or smaller. To type new text into the box, left double-click inside the text frame then type in your text. To insert text from another file, right click inside the text frame and select the "Get text" option. Scroll through the files on your computer and select which one you would like to insert.

Now you have inserted the text into the document, however, you notice an error or something you may want to change. Do not panic! It is very easy to edit the text that you have already inserted.

How to edit text:

  • Select the text box you wish to edit.
  • Right click inside the text box, and select "Edit Text" from the right click menu.

An editing box will pop up at the top of the page with your selected text inside of it. There are different editing tools at the top of the page that will allow you to change things such as; text color, font size, font style,and more.

To change these things:

  • Highlight the text you wish to change.
  • Use the tools in the toolbar to make specific changes to text, or If you want to make a minor grammar change, just click the area you wish to edit and make changes as you would in a word processor.
  • Note that you will not see the changes until you save your work.
  • To save; click the close button, and then click save. Now you will be able to see your changes in the text boxus that is on the Scribbus document.