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The first thing I ever wrote had to have been the most embarrassing piece of writing to ever enter into the world of writing. It was written in second person and was absolutely juvenile. Although it was awful, it was where my life as a writer started. I was thirteen and didn't understand the fundamentals of writing and how inappropriate it is to use the second person. Since I have evolved as a creative writer and a critical writer. I have since gone on to be accepted for presentation at the annual Sigma Tau Delta Convention. I am no longer a tween who thinks that the only medium is on paper and that writing is simple. I have learned that being a writer is something that is always in flux and that a writer is always learning

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Figures and Machines

With my own article for the class, I knew that I wanted to focus on prominent figures in time travel and their machines. However, there are many figures surrounding time travel. One of the biggest edits that was made was the exclusion of many of time travelers that we initially included.

When it comes to editing my peers articles, I was most helpful with cutting down on phrases that were unneeded. Although I came in late to the editing process of my peers, I was able to help Mitch cut down his article to make it more effective with less words.
Mitch's piece

How to Install an App on the Wii

One of the most common question in my house is: “How do I get this on the Wii?” One of first instances of this question was when my parents were trying to understand the intricacies of Netflix. Although it is fairly easy to install an app once you have begun the process, some who are not blessed with tech savvy may find themselves lost. An app, a common name for an application generally on a device, only takes a few simple steps. First and foremost, as with any task, is to keep calm and level headed. Keep in mind the steps given to you. If something goes wrong, retrace your sctions and find where you may have diverted.
    • Power up the system. If you are unfamiliar with how to power up the system, there are two ways to do this. One is a button located at the top of the face of the Wii. The other is a small button at the top left corner of the Wii remote.
    • After powering up the system, proceed to the menu screen. Here is where you will find many of the apps that came preinstalled on your system and also where you can select to enter a game.
    • In my house, if it does not appear on this screen, it means that it is too much work. However, to install a new app on the Wii, you must first go to the Wii Shop Channel. Here I where you can purchase and download new apps and games to your system. Although, some do require payment, many common apps such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, do not require anything beyond a previous membership.
    • When in this channel, you must search for the specific app you are looking for. You can also browse the vast selection that is updated daily.
      • Although many apps may require you to install only once, It should be noted that some apps require updates that have to be done manually.
      • Some apps require payment. If you are interested in purchasing one of these apps, you must first buy points through the Wii system. This is simple and when purchasing, there should be a small guide to help you through the steps.
    • When an app is selected, select the option in which it tells you how many points you will be using then select either the "Wii System Memory" or an "SD Card" to store your app.
    • Use patience while the app is installing. Generally, the wait time is very minimal. However, if your system is older, the app is large, or you have an abundance of apps already installed, it may take a bit longer. Use patience.
    • Once the app has installed, go to the menu screen again. Your app should be there and ready for use. If it requires any further input from you, as with an account, it will give you step by step instructions as to how to progress.

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