A Worry Free Time Travel
R. Martin

Many people worry about what is involved with time traveling and are prepared for the worst, but it all depends on state of mind. Fright and confusion are usually associated with the idea of time‍‍ travel.‍‍The primary worry is not being able to travel back to the present, but this isn't ever a problem. If you are someone who is lucky enough to experience time travel, you must enjoy it!

With time travel, it is possible to go forward or backward in time. Be prepared to go deep into the past or far into the future.Time travel is meant to help you gain experience and grow as a person.‍‍‍ You are to take what you learned and apply it to your life in the present. Remember to not take your experience too seriously. You are not meant to change the past or the future. Have fun and use it as a simple learning experience.

Another thing that sparks anxiety and worry is the physical action of time travel. Black holes and cosmic strings are often the means of transportation for time travel. Many people are very cautious and are just waiting to be sucked into a black‍‍hole, or‍‍swept away by a cosmic string. It is important to always be prepared to slip off into a new time via these time traveling ports and not to be worried. The means of time travel are very safe and quick.

Because time traveling is so fast, you won’t even know when you are in the process of time traveling. Time travel is faster than the speed of light!‍‍You will blink,‍‍and the next thing you know, you are in a different time and place. Do not be alarmed. You will get back to your present in no time. Remember to not be anxious or eager during this experience. You were able to time travel for a reason, so pay attention!

Now that you have all you need to know about time travel, lose the fears and worries and enjoy the experience!‍‍‍‍‍‍