Everyday Time Travel
M. Turner

“That which is dreamed can never be lost, can never be undreamed.”
-Neil Gaiman

Time Travel. Everyone has done it.We have all jumped through portals, escaped reality, and gotten lost in an unknown world.

Our bodies are vessels of time travel. Each time a person sleeps. . . their eyes closing, their stream of conscious suspended, floating above their sleeping vessels. . . they are travelling through time.

The mere act of sleep anchors your phsyical body to this ‍world. ‍Your consciousness slips through time, passing through with those who are awake, following the minutes as light changes, as stars expand, and air shifts.

When you wake, it is a new time, a new period in your life. Anything could have happend in the moments in which you lay, ‍your‍ body captured by the necessary rest and your mind swirling through worlds.

Moving forward and back, sifting through dark images of lands filled with vengeful spiders and heart racing sprints, the only motive is to escape whatever is behind you. Your consciousness will shift around through dim fisheye distortions, as if it were living in the bottom of a coke bottle. It swims around, gasping for air, pores becoming caffenated and slowly you float, spilling over the top, washed away into another world. Covered in paint, it dances with dapper ladies and gents with long cigarettes and warm bourbon.

Your consciousness snaps back into your body, you are awake. Returning to the time in which you so recently left. remembering only snip-its of the lives you lived and the lands you visited. Body and mind are again one, settling back, grasping what has changed.

Time Travel belongs to everyone, you just need to realize it, and begin to explore.