Time Travel Commission: Gateway to Time Travel
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If you are here today, you are thinking of selecting the Time Travel Commission for you leisure needs by utilizing our services to plan a vacation through Time.

There are two modes of Time Travel available to the public at this time: Going through a Rift or utilizing a Time Bubble.
Rift packages are more tricky as they include a physical, noticeable presence.

Rift Travel

There is a list of regulations concerning Rift Travel. For Details, click this link here

General Information for Rift Travel:
As a Rift Traveler, caution is the best way to go.
It is forbidden to go to areas in which your direct ancestors will be. This is to prevent paradoxes that might end up with patrons fading from existence.

The Time Continuity Task Force (TCTF) is on call 24/7 to fix ripples caused by careless travelers.

‍Over all, Rift Travel is reported as the more satisfying form of Time Travel because interacting with the past is possible.

Time Bubble Travel

Time Bubble Travel is safer, but more energy consuming. Further information on Bubble Travel is here.

Requests for Time Bubble Trips must be made months in advance, ‍due to high demand.

Time Continuity Task Force (TCTF)

This group consists of a group of elite historians, programers, anthropologists, and law enforcement officers who aid in keeping time as it should be. They also assist time travelers who are in trouble.
Using cutting edge technology to detect ripples caused by changes in time, they are able to keep things from changing the present, preserving the past, and saving the future.

For further information, feel free to read the FAQs below:


Q: I noticed there are no packages that include travel into the future, where do I find the information for that?
A: You don't. Travel to the future has been universally banned by the Time Travel Commission, the TCTF, and all world governments.

Q: Can Rift Generators be mounted on anything like a Vehicle?
A: No, the energy needed to generate the Rift could never be produced by a vehicle and the means to produce the energy would require a
vehicle the size of two Big Rigs combined side-by-side.

Q: Are Rifts black holes?
A: No. A Rift is just that: A Rift within Space-Time.

Q: Is it possible to be stranded in another time?
A: No. The Time Continuity Task Force monitors any and all fluctuations in the Time Stream and rescues those whose rifts have collapsed.

Q: Have there ever been time vehicle collisions?
A: Before Time Bubbles, the answer was no. Rifts cannot collide. After Time Bubbles were invented, there were a couple of collisions at first
until a system was worked out. Nothing serious occurred due to these collisions.

Q: How would you know if the past has been altered?
A: Alterations to Continuity give off ripples: the bigger the change, the larger the ripples, and the more easy it is to find the starting point and fix it before the present in altered.

Q: What are the most common symptoms from Time Travel?
A: Dizziness upon standing, disorientation, nausea, and fatigue. There have been a few bad reactions due to pre-existing medical conditions.

Q: Should I get vaccinated before I Time Travel?
A: Yes. Especially if you are planning on taking a Rift Trip. Contact the Time Travel Commission for a list of immunizations necessary for your
trip to give to your doctor.

Q: What are the most frequently confiscated pieces of modern contraband from Rift Travelers?
A: Surprisingly Bow ties, Sports Almanacs, Fezzes( to in appropriate times and places), Leather Jackets, Extremely Long Scarves, Modern
Dusters (Trench-coats), and Different Types of Modern Suits.

Q: What are "fixed points in time?"
A: They are moments that must occur or time will begin to collapse. Ripples set off from attempting to change those points are massive and it
is very simple to track it down and have an agent correct that alteration. Attempting Temporal Tampering with any of those carries the
maximum sentence.

Q: Have there ever been reports of running into odd people while using Rift Travel?
A: Questions of that sort are too vague to provide any sort of conclusive answer.

Q: Have there ever been sightings of out of place objects during either a Rift Trip or a Bubble Trip?
A: There have been many unsubstantiated sightings of what has been described as either a "blue phone booth" or a "blue police box."
As of yet, there has been no actual evidence collected suggesting any those sightings are real.

Q: What about reports of a Time Traveling Train?
A: Those reports are unverified and part of the Brown-McFly Conspiracy Theory.

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