Contributions to Class Web Project

Course Projects:

1. Time Travel Class Web Page

Before writing my article, A Worry Free Time Travel, I looked up information about the idea of time travel and gathered some facts. I decided to go with the idea of a "worry free" time travel. My article has come a long way thanks to the help of my peers who edited and gave me suggestions. My first draft and various revisions show how far my article has come. I read my article many times through to check for errors or any places that had room for improvement. My article is informative, promotional, and cautionary.

I contributed some comments and suggestions to two of my classmates articles. I understand that having another pair of eyes when writing is extremely helpful, so I tried to give good suggestions and watch for any errors or parts of the article that needed changed. It was enjoyable and also good experience to edit these articles and I know that suggestions and comments from others are always helpful during the revision process.